ATM250-4 All Terrain Fire Fighting Motorcycle with Fire fighting pump rescue and relief work fire truck

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Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China
Transmission Type:
< 150hp
Drive Wheel:
Fuel Type:
Tank Capacity:
< 3000L
Engine brand:
Wheel Base:
Ground clearance:
Full mass:
Maximum speed:
Transmission Model:
shaft drive
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ATM250-4 fire engine has excellent off-road performance, whether in rugged mountain roads or narrow streets, as long as the body can let in and out of the space can quickly, flexible fire rescue.

IT has good effect on automobile fire, oil fire, electric fire, room fire, forest fire, etc. Dry powder fire extinguishers can be put into combat as soon as they arrive at the scene, equipped with handheld motor fire pumps; they can be quickly moved to fire hydrants, farmland, dung pits and ponds for efficient fire extinguishing. The fire pump is stable and reliable. Equipped with fire hose, fire hydrant wrench, DC water gun, fire axe, rain cover and other complete equipment to ensure efficient rescue.

Product Attribute

Vehicle Parameters

Producttype ATM250-4 Overalldimensions(mm) 2180*1080*1885 Wheelbase(mm) 1150 Groundclearance(mm) 155 Operatingmode Combined operationFull quality(kg) Full mass(kg) 470 Maximumspeed(km/h) 50 Kindofdrive Axis rotation Alertor Propaganda function Alarm lamp Long line lights

Main technical parameters of engine

Engine Model 171FMM Engine type Single cylinder, air cooling, four stroke Displacement 229.6ml Starting mode Electric start / Hand start Lgnition method C.D.I Maximum net work rate KW /r / min11.0/6500 Clutch Atomatic clutch Lubrication method Combined Pressure and Splashing Forward gear 5 Reverse gear External

Fire equipment specification/quantity

Trade name Specifications Quantity Trade name Specifications Quantity

Water mist fire extinguishing device

KAPPA40(Honda power) 1 Fireextinguisher MF/ABC4 powder 4 waterhose 13-65-20 2 Straightstreamnozzle 19 1 Fire control wrench


1 Fire axe Long the wood 1 Rain shade Fnishedautomobile 1 Rain shade Water mist 1

Product superiority

Four wheel chassis technical parameters

Type 1: ATV250: single cylinder, Air-cooled, Four-stroke

Brake type / mode of operation: disc / foot linkage

control clutch type: automatic centrifugal type


Domestic top brand "Zhengxin" ATV special off-road / road dual purpose tire, only "Zhengxin" is the real first brand, its off-road performance, grasping ability, wear resistance, Aging resistance is industry number one; its price is certainly unmatched by other brands and is now twice the price of an ordinary ATV tire.

Tire specification:

front wheel: 1: 22 7-10 / 20 rear wheel: 20% 22% 10-10 / 25

Alarm light

Main technical parameters of fire vehicle shed:

Crash resistant shed: tensile strength of modified ABS plastic

canopy: 36.8 MPA fracture nominal strain: 21% bending strength: 57.3Mpa

cantilever beam notched impact strength: 39P Vicat softening temperature: 101 ℃

Portable fire pump

Model size: JBQ 5.3 / 9 Technical parameters: rated flow: 10 9.02L / S rated pressure: 0.531Mp

Application scenario
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